John Guilaran, PhD

Clinical Psychologist x Disaster Scientist


Publications in Refereed Journals

Aruta, J. J. B. R., Salcedo, S. S., Guilaran, J., & Guinto, R. R. (2022). The plight and promise of mental health providers in the face of a warming planet: perspectives and experiences from the Philippines. International Review of Psychiatry, 1-4. doi: 10.1080/09540261.2022.2123701

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Guilaran, J. B. (2013). What you “don’t see” can’t hurt you: The role of attachment avoidance in compassion fatigue among humanitarian relief workers in the Philippines. Philippine Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 18(1): 11-21. [PDF]

Guilaran, J. B. (2012). Attachment theory as a framework for understanding compassion fatigue among humanitarian relief workers. Philippine Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 17(1): 17-28. [PDF]


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Other Publications

Guilaran, J. & Nguyen, H. A. (2020). Mental health and psychosocial support services for disaster responders in Southeast Asia. In M. R. M. Hechanova and L. C. Waelde (Eds.), Resistance, resilience, and recovery from disasters: Perspectives from Southeast Asia (pp 117-142). Emerald Publishing.

Guilaran, J., & de Terte, I. (2020, May). Received social support in first responders: A brief overview. Applied Psychology Around the World. International Association of Applied Psychology, 2(2): 40-45. Retrieved from


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